The Lazy L Kennel - and Wizard Service Dogs
Wizard Service Dogs

Wizard Service Dogs offers both mobility and hearing  dogs to clients in Northern New England, including Maine, Mass, New Hampshire and Vermont.

The average dog is in training first for  2 to 3 months in basic obedience and public access training.  If this goes well we then move on to the service task training.  This phase lasts 6 or more months depending on the animal and the tasks to be trained.  Our dogs are mainly rescued pups, either from local shelters or individuals who are unable to keep their pets.  It is our goal to  rehabilitate these dogs and give them a job and structure to make their sometimes unruly energy useful.  Most dogs come into the program somewhere between 6 and 18 months of age and are ready for placement around 2 to 3 years old.

The cost varies slightly from dog to dog but the average is $5000.  Wizard Service Dogs is currently pursuing 501c status to facilitate fund raising and lower the cost to the individual.
Individuals applying for a dog must demonstrate the willingness, means and ability to maintain the dog's health, welfare and training.

Wizard Service Dogs is also avaliable to help owners train suitable pets to become service dogs.  Many pups that make great family memebers are not suitable as full public access service dogs.  If you are currently looking for a pup it is STRONGLY recommended that you involve either Wizard Service Dogs in your search or another qualified canine professional

Dumbledore (Dore): This wonderful young man is 3 years old and ready to become your helper. He is absolutely wonderful with people of all ages as well as other canines.  When we have a dog that needs to learn how to socialize nicely, because of his lovely nature Dore is our "go to" guy. 
Dore's skills include opening doors, opening and closing drawers,pushing buttons, turning on lights, picking up objects, placing them in baskets or on counters. His public service manners are tops.  He is an active boy who would love to accompany his person on outings or to work.  He also enjoys a good game of fetch and a nap after a job well done.  Dore's been placed!

Rhett:  Is s young southern gentleman.  Origionaly from Alabama Rhett came to Maine along with many other dogs already in the shelter to make room for pups displaced by the recent tornados.  At only 6 months this boy is on the young end of the scale to enter the service dog program but so far he is doing very nicely.  Keep up with his progress on Lazy-L-Kennel-Wizard-Service -Dog's facebook page

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